Monday, 21 February 2011

More stuff should come in Pterodactyl Print

As you've probably gathered, I love food and cooking.  However, there are lots of other things I love as well, and when I find something that really excites me I want to share it with everyone.  My absolute favourite blogs to read are definitely those where people write about lots of diferent things in their lives, like the lovely Fiona, who blogs about fashion, music, films and lots of other things I enjoy.  That's why I've decided to start doing some non-food related posts - I'll still be posting just as many recipes as before, so feel free to just look at them if you like!

Recently I've been on a bit of a clothes shopping spree - the weather is still disgusting here in Scotland, but all the shops are so full of pretty spring clothes that I couldn't resist!  I am especially loving all the bird print clothes that seem to be fashionable right now, they're so quirky and feminine and birds always remind me of spring time and sunny days.  I bought this sheer bird print shirt from New Look and I absolutely love it:

I apologise for the terrible lighting in the photo, as I said the sun hasn't been out for a week so dingy indoor photos are the best I can do right now!  I'm also wearing my new high-waisted shorts from Miss Selfridge.  Here is a better picture of the shirt:
 While browing online I have come across lots of other cute bird print clothes, like this green dress from Modcloth.  I spend far too much time on this website, pining pathetically over beautiful things I can never own as postage from the USA is far more than my student budget can stretch to.  I've only caved twice, once to buy the perfect dress for my 1920s themed birthday party last year, and once to buy my prized stag's head toothbrush holder (named 'Fawned of Hygiene' by the website, I also love Modcloth for their terrible/amazing puns)...  Anyway, look at this dress:

I actually love everything about it, the material, the colours, the sleeves... And take a closer look at the print, the birds are wearing tiny little top hats!  Oh Modcloth, you're just too whimsical for your own good!

Another gorgeous bird print comes in the form of this dress from Get Cutie.  I love the retro style of the print, and the best thing about Get Cutie is that you can choose from 9 different styles of dresses and loads of different prints, so you can get something that's a lot more unique than your average chain store purchase.

Next up is something that's slightly more within my price range, this super-cute top from Asos.  It's a really subtle take on the bird print look that's perfect for people who aren't into really girly clothes.

You can only see the birds when you closely, making a plain stripy top into something a lot more fun.

If you're really strapped for cash then get some bird accessories - this beautiful peacock necklace from Accessorize is only £12, and there's matching earrings too, although having three peacocks dangling from your body at once may be going a bit too far.

I've left my absolute favourite bird print item till last, this amazing blue dress which is also from Modcloth.  At first glance it's just your average prom dress...

...Then take a closer look and it's covered in pterodactyls! What more could a girl want?  (I am aware that pterodactyls are not birds, but they have wings so I feel that they still count.)  This is the reason I love Modcloth, I'm very girly yet also quite geeky so this dress gives me the best of both worlds.

Have any of you bought any cute clothes lately?  Or do you know where I can find more dinosaur related apparel?  All comments are very welcome!

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