Thursday, 24 March 2011

So many Pretty Things, So Little Money...

The story of my life right now is that the shops and the internet are full of pretty things, but I have no money to make these things mine.  The woes of being a student!  One item I will need to invest in in the near future though is a new handbag.  I'm definitely much more of a shoes girl than a bags girl - my shoes used to live under my bed, but now they've taken over the bottom two shelves of my wardrobe and are gradually creeping into the hall cupboards as well...  On the other hand, I only ever have two bags on the go at one time, a big one for everyday use and a little one for nights out, and I use them until they fall apart (I'm a terrible bag owner)!  Sadly my old faithful flowery bag, as pictured below in its glory days of last summer, is almost at that stage, so I thought I'd put together a list of potential bags for when my favourite gives up the ghost....

My first port of call in the bag hunt was Modcloth, more for inspiration rather than realistically looking for something I would buy.  As I mentioned in my previous fashion post, Modcloth is where I go to lust pathetically over items that are far beyond my reach, both in terms of price and distance.  This bag, adorably named 'The Upwardly Mobile Satchel' comes in cherry red and mustard, but the brown, called 'Cambridge University' is more practical for me since a requirement of my bag is that it goes with all (or at least a few) of my outfits.  However, at $134.99, it was time for me to move to cheaper ground!

After ogling the Modcloth satchel for a while, I decided that a satchel would be the style to go for, so I began to browse websites that were closer to home.  Urban Outfitters had this to offer, and I love the combination of teal and brown as these would tone in with most of the colours I usually wear.  Sadly at £48 it's still a bit much for my pathetic budget!

The next satchel comes from Miss Selfridge and at £30, it seems a lot more affordable.  I also love the cutout style, I'm a sucker for anything with cutout shapes or scalloped edges, I think I need a less girly wardrobe...  I would probably have bought this bag, but I saw it in the shop and it's really small in real life, and sadly I cart too much rubbish around with me for that to work out.

 While I love the style of the above bags, I like to have a bag that's a bit more of a statement.  My current flowery bag is actually the plainest bag I've had so far - the one I had before that had polka dots and an owl on it, and previous to that, I used a bag with multicoloured unicorns (I was a cool teenager...).  So when I discovered the website Cloth-Ears, I found just what I was looking for.  This bag from Paper Planes is adorable, and it has birds and maps on it, two things that I love style-wise.  I'm torn between it and the next bag I saw...

This bag, called the 'Flutters and Fancies' satchel, is just gorgeous.  It has brown leather, plus green, blue and pink sections, all of my favourite colours.  Plus, it has embroidered flowers and cutout details, it's so cute!  On a more practical note, there are apparently pockets inside, which is useful for me since whatever I put into my current bag seems to disappear into some labyrinthine void, which is annoying when I'm getting a phonecall or trying to find my keys.

At £37.99, the Flutters and Fancies satchel is a couple of pounds cheaper than the Paper Planes one, but I still might have to save up for a little while before I get either, fingers crossed that my flowery bag holds out till then!


  1. I looove satchels :) I'm the same with bags and hadn't got a new one since 2st year until about 2 months ago when I splashed out and bought the 2nd one that you've posted here, the Urban Outfitters one, it was a massive treat and I felt really bad for buying it cause it is so expensive, but I use it alll the time now! loveit, and it fits my uni stuff perfectly. Good luck on your hunt! I think that last one would really suit you, its nice and flowery for summer too :) xx

  2. I'm glad you like the Urban Outfitters bag, it was one of my favourites! If you use a bag all the time I don't think you should feel guilty spending a lot on it, it means it's less likely to fall apart like mine :P I think I will go for the last one though, it's so pretty! xx